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English Language Teaching for children is a lucrative market

Global Appeal

Pingu’s English is an industry-leading language teaching provider

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English Language Teaching for children is a lucrative market

There are so many reasons to choose Pingu’s English to help start your new business. Our method is tried, tested and trusted; providing you with the product, materials and business support that need to flourish and grow.

The value of English Language Training is based on parents’ perception of English as a key life skill.

With this skill, their child will have a head-start in terms of both communication and business. This persuades ambitious parents that an investment in English Language Training for their kids will be a sound investment.

Here’s some statistics that show just how lucrative children’s English Language Teaching can be:

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Global Appeal

We now have Pingu’s English centers in over 20 countries across Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, but you could still be the first to claim exclusive rights in your country. English is internationally recognized as the global language of business and communications, while the Pingu TV show has been chosen as it appeals to all nationalities, genders and relevant age groups. Find out how you can apply to become our latest franchise partner, and see how you could start reaping the benefits of exclusive rights in your country. Don’t wait – this is an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

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Pingu’s English is an industry-leading language teaching provider


With Pingu’s English, you gain exclusive rights to franchise the business in your country or region, as well as the exclusive rights to use the award-winning PinguTM TV show for educational purposes. This lovable little penguin has been a kids’ favorite since 1986 and is watched by over 1 billion people worldwide. 


Gross profits for franchise businesses in the children’s English Language Teaching sector tend to range from 60% – 90%.

Education Principles

Pingu’s English has value both as an English language program, and as an introduction to full-time education. We aim to teach kids practical English and give them the confidence to use it in everyday life. By providing a first-rate education, advanced learning resources and an entertainment factor, our students often become brand advocates as they get older.

Reputational Excellence

We have built up a global reputation for excellence; prioritizing safety, flexibility, friendliness and a balanced behavioral framework. We are an established brand in our own right, with a proven franchise model that’s approved by over 78% of our franchise partners. We’re also a subsidiary of The Linguaphone Group, enabling us to build on over a century of English Language Teaching success.


With Pingu’s English, you can apply to become a master franchisee, unit franchisee or unit licensee and choose from a school-based, program licensing, home-school licensing or direct to consumer strategy. Our course gives you a broad catchment of children aged 3 – 8+ with any prior level of English ability, and utilize strengths-based teaching methods to ensure our pupils are treated as individuals.

Business Support

We will supply you with all the materials and business support that you need to create a profitable venture. From business, marketing and IT consultancy to electronic resources, management manuals and local training, your dedicated account manager will be there to support you every step of the way. Our on-going business support services include:

  • Press and PR guidance
  • Event and exhibition administration
  • UKTI support
  • Quick, hassle-free set-up
  • Personalized, in-country training
  • Management and operational manuals 
  • Access to Linguaphone’s Extranet and management software

We also offer an unbeatable package of marketing support, including:

  • Online lead administration
  • Digital marketing consultancy
  • Advertising advice and materials
  • Marketing collateral
  • Website design
  • Social media management
  • Marketing approval
  • Merchandising and cross-marketing opportunities

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Find out how you can apply to become our latest franchise partner.

See how you could start reaping the benefits of exclusive rights in your country.

Don’t wait. This is an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

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I trusted Pingu's English because I  want my son to be able to speak English. I can see the teaching & learning atmosphere is good and very friendly. Now I can see my son is progressing a lot.


Students mother

After a trial class, I decided that Jennifer needs to joining a real Pingu class. She cried for the first month & I should accompany her in class. Now she has been more interactive with people & she doesn't cry as easily as She used to be. Thanks a lot. Pingu


Students Mother

Saya memilih Pingu’s English Pekanbaru karena memberikan metode pembelajaran yang menyenangkan. Disini Aisyah sangat enjoy dan banyak ilmu yang didapatnya, dari dia yang belum mengenal Bahasa Inggris dengan baik

Dewi Kapsari A.

Students Mother

Saya sangat senang dengan Pingu’s English. Karena Al dan Chacha sangat happy selama les disini. Perkembangan Al dan Chacha juga sangat banyak menurut saya selama belajar di Pingu’s English.

Miati Nindyani Samura

Students Mother

Hi, I'm Jane. It's very fun learning at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading. I started learning when I was 2 years old at level 0 and now I'm 7 years old,at level Jumper 2. The teachers are also very nice and lovable.


Student at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading