History of Linguaphone Group

Linguaphone was founded in 1901 and is among the most established international language schools in the world.

Over the last century, millions of people in over 60 countries have upgraded their career and enhanced their lives by learning a new language with The Linguaphone Group. Linguaphone uses a network of trusted licensed partners and distributors to make sure the courses are available to adults and children all over the world. This includes both licensed language schools and self-study learning resources.

The first to combine written course materials with audio recordings, Linguaphone quickly became an industry leader in international language teaching. Linguaphone’s world-renowned language programs include the Linguaphone, Pingu’s English and Direct English courses.


Pingu's English

Pingu’s English was developed following the purchase of exclusive English Language Teaching rights for the Pingu TV series from HIT Entertainment Limited in February 2006. An award-winning TV show that’s loved by children and parents alike, Pingu was chosen for its universal appeal and accessibility, as well as the strong moral message it represents.

Applying over a century of experience to this new venture, The Linguaphone Group uses the charming adventures of Pingu to help children aged 2 – 10+ understand how the English language is used in real-life settings. To ensure the best possible results for this age group, Pingu’s English combines proven play-based educational techniques with creative activities and high-quality learning resources, including:

  • Study books
  • Song/story books
  • Audio/Video materials
  • Online learning materials

Direct English - Louis Alexander

Direct English courses were developed by Louis Alexander; a world-renowned English Language Teaching expert and prolific writer. He still holds the world record for greatest number of books sold by an individual an individual author in one year (4.7m), and his spirit lives on through the many thousands of people who have used his talents to learn such a valuable language.

Company Details

LG & DE Limited (Linguaphone Group’s controlling company) is a UK registered private limited company.

  • Registration number: 5694539
  • Registered office:  Linguaphone Group, Liongate Enterprise Park, 80 Morden Road, Mitcham, Surrey CR4 4PH, United Kingdom

Discover more about what makes unique Pingu’s English unique both for our students and franchise partners.

Pingus English



Pingus’s English is developing a full KINDERGARTEN curriculum, International Kindergarten project in partnership with Kingston University, based on the ever popular Pingu’s English brand. The curriculum with be broadly based on EYSF principles, but will bring in the very best elements of other systems, such as Reggio Emilia and Montessori and deliver stimulating half and full day courses in its premium branded schools around the world.

Over 20 Countries

Pingu’s English reached over 20 countries including Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Europe thanks to the opportunity to Franchise the Pingu’s English Formula Worldwide.



Pingus English
Pingus English


Advanced English

Pingu’s English extended its 4th advanced English level for kids.

Pingu Comes Onboard

The business expanded further with the acquisition of the exclusive global English language teaching rights for Pingu from HIT Entertainment Limited, one of the world's leading independent children's entertainment producers and intellectual property rights owners. With these rights, the Linguaphone Group has developed the pre-school children's English course Pingu's English.


Pingus English
Pingus English


Linguaphone Acquires Direct English

The acquisition of Direct English in from Pearson Education Limited, part of Pearson Plc, the world's largest educational publisher, served to not only consolidate but also significantly enhance this belief and our position as world leader in the adult assisted learning marketplace.

Meeting Demand

To meet this enormous, inherent global demand for English, the Linguaphone Group is now focused on providing tutor-supported adult and pre-school children's English language training courses through an impressive network of centres around the world, operating under the Direct English, Linguaphone and Pingu's English brand names.


Pingus English
Pingus English


Mr Roston's Legacy

A bust of Mr Roston was sculpted by Jacob Epstein for his 70th birthday, which we still preserve in our Head Office.

The Linguist

Roston published a new monthly journal “The Linguist” and contributed to it a history of language teaching ideas from the ancients through Comenius to modern theorists. It is in the second issue of this journal that a Linguaphone advertisement appeared containing the definitive description of the Linguaphone Method.
Linguaphone courses were in use in 92 countries, with overseas branches in Australia, Belgium, France, Holland, Norway, South Africa, U.S.A. and even Latvia.


Pingus English
Pingus English


George Bernard Shaw

Even George Bernard Shaw finally succumbed to Linguaphone's attraction and made a special recording 'Spoken English and Broken English'. 

The autographed original now rests in the British Museum in London.

On The Record

With the arrival of "Berliners" or flat records, the gramophone came of age and with it Linguaphone's opportunity to reach out to a wider public. Linguaphone courses were in use in 92 countries.


Pingus English
Pingus English


The Rosenblum Method

Jaques Roston’s name first appeared on a little pamphlet in which he explained his ideas on language teaching, and in particular the primacy of the spoken word. He also published it in an advertisement for his classes, using “The Rosenblum Method” (his original name).

Roston was one of the first pioneers to recognise the potential for language teaching using Edison's invention of sound recording (1877) and Alexander Graham Bell's development of wax cylinders (1888).

The Linguaphone Group Founded

The Linguaphone Group was founded in High Holborn, London by Jacques Roston, a translator and language teacher who emigrated from Russia, at the turn of the century.


Pingus English

Proven Method Worldwide

Pingu’s English students receive an activity pack that features a range of supplementary learning materials. This pack includes charming models of kids’ favorite characters from the show, as well as creative coloring and drawing materials. Parents are also given access to a broad selection of learning resources to assist with the child’s development outside of school hours, regardless of the parent’s existing English language abilities.

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Pingu’s English teaching centers have now opened up in more than 20 countries worldwide, and we’re consistently on the lookout for new, mutually beneficial franchise arrangements. A combination of unique course structure and exclusive educational rights over lovable little Pingu is what’s made Pingu’s English such a successful franchise. By using this iconic branding across all of the Pingu’s English teaching centers and resources, the company’s services have become a unique proposition on the market.


I trusted Pingu's English because I  want my son to be able to speak English. I can see the teaching & learning atmosphere is good and very friendly. Now I can see my son is progressing a lot.


Students mother

After a trial class, I decided that Jennifer needs to joining a real Pingu class. She cried for the first month & I should accompany her in class. Now she has been more interactive with people & she doesn't cry as easily as She used to be. Thanks a lot. Pingu


Students Mother

Saya memilih Pingu’s English Pekanbaru karena memberikan metode pembelajaran yang menyenangkan. Disini Aisyah sangat enjoy dan banyak ilmu yang didapatnya, dari dia yang belum mengenal Bahasa Inggris dengan baik

Dewi Kapsari A.

Students Mother

Saya sangat senang dengan Pingu’s English. Karena Al dan Chacha sangat happy selama les disini. Perkembangan Al dan Chacha juga sangat banyak menurut saya selama belajar di Pingu’s English.

Miati Nindyani Samura

Students Mother

Hi, I'm Jane. It's very fun learning at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading. I started learning when I was 2 years old at level 0 and now I'm 7 years old,at level Jumper 2. The teachers are also very nice and lovable.


Student at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading