Pingu’s English Preschool & Kindergarten


Pingu's English Preschool & Kindergarten

We take great pride in announcing the Pingu’s English Preschool program as the latest addition to our English Language Teaching range in 2017 in collaboration with Kingston University.

The first of its kind

The first in the world to combine over a century of language teaching experience with a globally recognized TV character and brand, the program’s unique international curriculum has been developed in collaboration with Kingston University’s renowned School of Education.

Pingu’s English is leading the way in the burgeoning International Preschool market, combining an immediately recognizable brand with advanced teaching to create an irresistible combination for parents and investors alike. We look forward to bringing this exciting opportunity to our partners from 2017, and to helping children around the world to get the head-start in education that they deserve.

The Preschool curriculum

The Pingu’s English Preschool curriculum – consistent with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYSF) – provides rigorously planned and clearly defined educational guidelines that enable early years’ language students to gain the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to use English with confidence. 

Kingston University School of Education

Kingston University’s School of Education has been ranked as the top teacher-training provider in London, and among the top six in the UK. It’s listed in the globally recognized Times Higher Education supplement as one of the top 150 young universities in the world


Program Overview

International Curriculum

Student Material

Teacher's Material

Assessment and Learning Outcomes

Certified Teachers

Authors and Industry Experts

Formal UK Certified Results


Program Overview

We have combined best practices of classical approaches like Montessori and Reggio Emilia with the newest research and trends into early years development with the number one in UK for Early Years Education, Kingston University London.

kindergarten skills


The demand for high quality education is growing globally and more parents achieve the economic means to give their children a head start in life.

Pingu’s English International Kindergarten, consistent with the Early Years Foundation Stage framework (EYSF), offers:

6 learning hours of activities per day, which can be flexed with snack, lunch and rest times to meet the needs of any country.
5 learning days with a week.
3 weeks per topic thread.
3 years of teaching and student content.
The program offers 36 weeks of teaching per year in total x 3 Years.


Pingu’s English International Kindergarten is designed to be a full-time, immersive childcare and education experience for children aged between 3 and 6 years.

The core aims are to prepare children to start formal schooling and to develop early bilingualism in English; essential skills for success in education and life.

They will learn subjects like Maths, Art, Literacy, Writing, Storytelling, Role Play, STEM, Confidence and social Skills, in a full English environment from a UK International Curriculum.

Included in the engaging learning the English Language program and Pingu’s English Logical Phonics to create the unique International Kindergarten curriculum. This exclusive blend of pedagogical elements ensures that the Pingu’s English International Kindergarten curriculum is truly industry-leading, engaging for children, and delivers tangible results.

International Curriculum

Pingu’s English and Kingston University London identified 6 core curricula “strands” through which children will engage with their learning in a full English speaking environment.

These curriculum skills are:

  • Communication, Language, Literacy, Reading, Writing and Spelling
  • Physical Development
  • Personal, Social, Emotional, Health and Well Being, and Cultural Diversity
  • Numeracy, Shape, Space, and Measurement
  • The World and Us
  • Expressive and Creative Arts



Pingu’s English also created 12 topic “threads” which provide the basis for the content and activities explored, alongside the English vocabulary taught like: Custom, Family and friends, Belongings, Food, Home life, Number, Actions, Reactions and Consequences, Colors and shapes and many others.

uk kindergarten

Pingu’s English International Preschool is designed to be primarily delivered through the medium of the English language, as a key goal of the program is to develop early bilingualism.

However, we appreciate that children in this age-group will still be developing communication skills in their mother-tongue, so it is natural and expected that some non-English support will be provided by our Preschool qualified teachers.

There is also flexibility within the Preschool schedule for all three years to add in any market-specific requirements required, such as local language instruction or religious education.


Student Material

Alongside comprehensive and engaging guidance for teachers to deliver inspiring lessons, Pingu’s English International Kindergarten’s other essential element is premium-quality learning resources for every child to use in class and at home.


  • 3 LEVELS OF PINGU’S ENGLISH STUDENT PACK (including 36 Thread books/Activity Books)

kindergarten books

  • 3 LEVELS OF PINGU’S ENGLISH LANGUAGE PACK (including Student Pack of our English course program)

kindergarten bilingual

  • AUDIOVISUAL RESOURCES (Songs, videos and stories)

audio kindergarten

  • ONLINE LEARNING ZONE with activities, games and tests


phonics kindergarten

Pingu’s English offers a revolutionary new approach to phonics, which unites the strongest elements of analytical, episodic and synthetic teaching from around the world.

Our  approach has had proven success on a global scale by exposing children to full words and phrases, building communication skills in English from their very first lesson in a Pingu’s English school.

Through play, practice and repetition both in school and at home, children quickly develop familiarity and confidence with all English sounds.


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Teacher's Material

Teachers will be provided with a fully-comprehensive suite of resources which they can employ in their interactive, bilingual classrooms.

Every minute of every day has been meticulously planned to ensure that the global successful Pingu’s English method is delivered consistently and achieve the guaranteed results! 

Teacher support resources include:

  • 12 Teacher Manuals per year – 36 Teacher’s Manual in total

kindergarten teachers manual

  • Extended manuals on Kindergarten Operations and Teacher Guidance for the course as a whole.operations manual







  • Book lists to ensure you can easily stock your extra resource English library

kindergarten book list

  • Online templates provided through our partners exclusive Online Portal.

kindergarten template

  • Quarterly Webinars for update on the teaching program, tips, education trends and teachers training.
  • Ongoing in-country visits and teachers training

Assessment and Learning Outcomes

A central principle of Pingu’s English products is the delivery of tangible, speedy and meaningful results for children in terms of English language skills and wider learning ability.

In conjunction with the team at Kingston University, Pingu’s English explored curricula from around the world to create a truly unique and engaging International Preschool program, which combines the most innovative and effective elements from the world’s leading models.

The Pingu’s English Preschool guidance for teachers provides regular opportunities on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for assessment of learning.

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Kids will receive a Formal certification from Pingu’s English London, UK.

Certified Teachers

kindergarten teacher

Our Certified English Teachers in early years combine exceptional teaching ability with a caring, nurturing nature which will encourage children in their very first adult interactions away from their parents.

Pingu’s English Preschool combines two key elements, English-language instruction and early years child development, so naturally our qualified staff are required to embody both components equally well.

Pingu’s English provides ongoing training (in-country and virtual) to teachers to make sure they are fully assisted while delivering the Pingu’s English International Curriculum.


Authors and Industry Experts

Anne Rawlings, Associate Professor
Dr. Teresa Noguera, Early Years Research Associate
Marcus Bhargava, Head of School of Education
Andy Hudson, Associate Dean for Education Partnerships
Daryl Maisey, Associate Professor and School Director for Learning and Teaching
Jo Dallal, Head of Section, Counselling & Early Years – Kingston College

Kingston University London

Founded in 1917, Kingston University became England’s very first training college for teachers of early years students.  Today Kingston University London remains one of the top university’s in England for early years, special education needs, child-centered inter-professional and primary undergraduate teacher training; and also the UK’s largest provider of early years education, creating 650 new early years teacher every year.

university kindergarten

Formal UK Certified Results

At the end of each level, Kindergarten student will receive a certification upon completion of the year.

To recognize student efforts and celebrate their bright future, graduation days are held in Pingu’s English International School, and usually they are a great success and further opportunity to show parents the amazing results they have achieved.

kindergarten certification


kids graduation



I trusted Pingu's English because I  want my son to be able to speak English. I can see the teaching & learning atmosphere is good and very friendly. Now I can see my son is progressing a lot.


Students mother

After a trial class, I decided that Jennifer needs to joining a real Pingu class. She cried for the first month & I should accompany her in class. Now she has been more interactive with people & she doesn't cry as easily as She used to be. Thanks a lot. Pingu


Students Mother

Saya memilih Pingu’s English Pekanbaru karena memberikan metode pembelajaran yang menyenangkan. Disini Aisyah sangat enjoy dan banyak ilmu yang didapatnya, dari dia yang belum mengenal Bahasa Inggris dengan baik

Dewi Kapsari A.

Students Mother

Saya sangat senang dengan Pingu’s English. Karena Al dan Chacha sangat happy selama les disini. Perkembangan Al dan Chacha juga sangat banyak menurut saya selama belajar di Pingu’s English.

Miati Nindyani Samura

Students Mother

Hi, I'm Jane. It's very fun learning at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading. I started learning when I was 2 years old at level 0 and now I'm 7 years old,at level Jumper 2. The teachers are also very nice and lovable.


Student at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading