Meet Pingu and Friends

Pingu’s English helps turn the lives of fictional characters into a real-life English language experience in a way that speaks directly to tots, pre-school children and kindergarteners.

The course wouldn’t be complete without our star cast of performers. Pingu™ lives in the snow and ice of the South Pole. The charming little penguin has regular adventures with friends Pingo and Robby the seal, with a bit of help from his family and the not-so-scary Monster.

Pingu will become a teacher, inspiration and friend. As this cute but curious penguin learns new lessons in life, so will your child. In each episode, Pingu takes on a new type of challenge that your child will be able to relate to. This method gives them a head-start in learning the international language of education, business, culture and communications.

It’s time to say hello to Pingu, and his wonderful family and friends!”


Loved by parents and children alike, Pingu has been a regular on kids’ TV screens since 1986. A cheeky little chap, there’s nothing Pingu likes more than having some fun on an Antarctic adventure. Although he makes the occasional mess, he’s always got his friends, family and the safety of the igloo to teach him valuable life lessons.

Pingu’s Daddy

There’s no ‘like father, like son’ when it comes to Pingu’s Daddy. He’s a sensible postman who spends his spare time making toys for his beloved children. He uses his sled to drop off the mail, and take his family out on day trips. Family is the most important thing to Pingu’s Daddy. And, while Pingu and Pinga might get a telling off every now and again, he’s always there to save the day.

Pingu’s Mommy

Pingu’s Mommy is loving and devoted, even when Pingu is busy making mischief! She adores her two children, making sure there’s always a tidy igloo to go back to, and a plate of Pingu’s favorite food – fish! She knows that kids have to be kids, and even joins in the fun every once in a while. She shares the chores with Pingu’s Daddy, and once the work is done, she can be found with a newspaper or her knitting needles.

Pingu’s Grandfather

Pingu’s Grandfather is a dream for any child. He’s active, loving and is often the brains behind Pingu’s latest adventure. He needs a little help every now and then, but that doesn’t stop him from joining in wherever he can.


This fluffy monster with purple earmuffs and a matching scarf is far from scary. In fact, he’s afraid of the cold! Pingu accidentally finds Monster when a practical joke goes wrong. He tricks his baby sister into thinking that there’s a monster on the loose. And, with a quick sneeze from behind a snow drift, Pingu found out that the monster was very real indeed.


Pingo is a school friend of Pingu. While they might look alike, you can always tell it’s Pingo from his long, pointy beak. He might say mean things to Pingu every once in a while, but deep down these two little buddies do care and need each other to get along.


Pingi is Pingu’s kind and sensible girlfriend. She has a heart of gold, and even forgives Pingu for dragging her along on many of his un-planned adventures. Underneath that sweet smile though, there’s a tough little cookie who isn’t afraid to stand up for herself. It might have taken a while for the romance to blossom, but now the two are practically inseparable.


When Pingu gets together with Robby, they make double the trouble! This happy seal is Pingu’s best friend, sharing his love of practical jokes – and fish! He’s a playful, funny and often the reason that Pingu gets into a bit of a scrape. They can always rely on each other, even if the jokes go too far.


The cutest member of Pingu’s family, Pinga is Pingu’s beloved baby sister. She’s another explorer, but relies on her big brother to take her along on his adventures. Don’t let that sweet smile fool you though! She can throw a real tantrum when things don’t go her way.

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I trusted Pingu's English because I  want my son to be able to speak English. I can see the teaching & learning atmosphere is good and very friendly. Now I can see my son is progressing a lot.


Students mother

After a trial class, I decided that Jennifer needs to joining a real Pingu class. She cried for the first month & I should accompany her in class. Now she has been more interactive with people & she doesn't cry as easily as She used to be. Thanks a lot. Pingu


Students Mother

Saya memilih Pingu’s English Pekanbaru karena memberikan metode pembelajaran yang menyenangkan. Disini Aisyah sangat enjoy dan banyak ilmu yang didapatnya, dari dia yang belum mengenal Bahasa Inggris dengan baik

Dewi Kapsari A.

Students Mother

Saya sangat senang dengan Pingu’s English. Karena Al dan Chacha sangat happy selama les disini. Perkembangan Al dan Chacha juga sangat banyak menurut saya selama belajar di Pingu’s English.

Miati Nindyani Samura

Students Mother

Hi, I'm Jane. It's very fun learning at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading. I started learning when I was 2 years old at level 0 and now I'm 7 years old,at level Jumper 2. The teachers are also very nice and lovable.


Student at Pingu's English Kelapa Gading